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Finding The Best Lawn Mower For You... provides you with lawn mower reviews and ratings of Honda, John Deere, Craftsman, Weed Eater and many other brands.


Buying a lawn mower is a serious investment to any home owner and aims to save you time in your search for best model for your needs.

Why do you need detailed lawn mower reviews?

The options you have when it comes to buying a lawn mower are countless. From the type of fuel you wish to use to the type of mower to the manufacturer. The combinations can make your head spin.

We review all of your favourite brands such as John Deere, Craftsman, Toro and Muray in simple and friendly articles so you can be more informed before you make a purchase.

Many people think that they need a plain old push gas lawn mower but there are many other types that you may have never considered. Push, reel, electric and even robotic lawn mowers are on the market, all serving different needs.

Do you have a large yard? You have special needs of your own. You may require a riding lawn mower or possibly a lawn tractor.

Not all mowers are created equal. Just because you pay top dollar does not mean you are getting top quality.

Reading the reviews on WILL save you both time and money!

Already know which brand of lawn mower you want but just don't know which model is best for you? has you covered. Not only can you read lawn mower reviews by type of mower but your favourite brands are listed as well. Feel free to browse other brands too! You might like what you see.

Don't know a thing about mowers?

First read our guide on How To Pick Your Best Lawn Mower. In this article you will learn to assess your lawn and what you expect to get out of your mower. You will also take into account your environmental concerns as well as how much labor you are able to do.

Whatever your situation, we'll help you find your Perfect Lawn Mower.


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Reviews by Type

Push Lawn Mowers - people powered mowers for a smaller yard

Riding Lawn Mowers - because a lawn tractor is the ultimate mower

Electric Lawn Mowers - quieter than their gas consuming counterparts

Zero Turn Lawn Mowers - extremely fast and efficient way to mow your large lawn

Robot Lawn Mowers - the future of lawn mowers

Reviews by Brand

John Deere Lawn Mowers - the iconic green mowers you know and love

Honda Lawn Mowers - this popular Japanese manufacturer makes reliable and quality mowers

Murray Lawn Mowers - continues with their tradition of great customer service

Craftsman Lawn Mowers - this Sears brand of lawn mower should not be overlooked

MTD Lawn Mowers - makes lawn mowers for about 10 different brands!

Toro Lawn Mowers - among the most popular and most reliable mowers on the market

Walker Lawn Mowers - one of the younger companies but still produce great products

Simplicity Lawn Mowers - make very popular mowers in the gardening community

American Lawn Mowers - no gas, no problem. American Lawn Mower Co. makes a great line of push reel mowers

Hustler Lawn Mowers - uses their history in making farm equipment to make great mowers

Weed Eater Lawn Mowers - budget lawn mowers with above average quality